Michal Krninský


Wedding photography, portraits, events, documentary photography, commercial photography, product photography, virtual tours, atelier, family portraits, workshops, consulting.


I have started with taking pictures when I was 10 years old with film camera Lubitel which was given to me by my grandpa for my birthday. I was immediately completely amazed by photos and the process of developing them and it hasn't changed so far. I have begun with middle format cameras 6x6 (Lubitel, Flexaret) then Zenit, Praktica, Canon and Nikon. Already during studying a high school I had two solo exhibitions.

Since 2005 I have been taking pictures professionally. For 8 years I was taking pictures of kids in kindergartens and primary schools (2005 - 2013)".

In 2008 I have started with shooting weddings. I am interested in shooting weddings, portraits and also in commercial ones such as advertisement or products shooting. Last few years I organize a photo courses for beginners and advanced ones. I use Nikon cameras and lenses in these days.

"Pictures can freeze time, thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing and help you recall them throughout the years. The purpose of my work is to bring joy through photography."

I look forward to hearing from you!